Friday, March 30, 2018

The Tolling of the Great Black Bell no. 31


  1. 31st issue. Very cool, Christian.
    Great to see you on video. Happy Friday!
    50 cents a stamps is nuts. Happy Passover.

    1. Instead of the lamb shank on our Seder plate, I am putting a picture of a lamb on it. I like fluffy cute baby lambs. I figure that the tribe already left Egypt, so why slaughter more lambs? I hope God doesn't mind. :) I hope you, Tim and the doggos have a fabulous weekend!

    2. Lambs are cute!
      We hit the coffee house today. First time in almost a year. It was nice. Then I went over to HomeGoods and got a killer new cutting board. Made in Canada. Pure maple wood. On clearance for 8 bucks! Holy cupcakes. What a deal.

      Wishing you guys the best, too.